Just before I left for the summer last year I was really inspired by the trend of cacti.


I was, and still going on with my fabric sculptures so then the idée of the cacti came to mind. It was quite easy, how I wanted them.


I made a few and I already sold one but if you one I can make more!


I really love them, love the colors.


I'm an artist in various medias.

Graduated from art schools, Propschool and reacently course in Visual Merchansdise.

I do everything from painting, illustration, sculpting, casting, molding, prop making and character design. Aswell as my strong intresse in fashion and design.


I'm passionate about everything that has some kind of creative process attached to it.


Simply working with my hands makes me happy!


New illustrations

I'm working on a project now that is based on fabric stings and sculpting animals.

I like the idé of colorful animals indoor. And based on the sculptures I make I'm also doing illustrations for every animal that I make!

So the illustrations I have done today is farm animals hens to be more exact.


Hope you all like it!